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2020 Grant Round Update

Last week saw the deadline for full applications to our annual grant round, with many exciting and potentially life changing, life saving research proposals submitted.

The very top applicants will be put forward for funding… if only we could fund them all!

As part of our annual grant round, each year we offer three types of research grants:

  • Emerging leader Fellowship Award (Up to £300,000 across 4 years)
  • Endeavour Project Grants (Up to £200,000 across 3 years)
  • Explore Pilot Studies (Up to £30,000 across 2 years)

Read more on the different types of research grants here.

This year, we also announced a joint fellowship with autism research charity Autistica as part of our strategic priorities to work with partner organisations in addressing conditions associated with epilepsy. You can read about this announcement here.


Researchers 2019 image


Now that the full applications have been received, they will be sent externally for independent peer review. Our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will then rigorously evaluate each application, in accordance with AMRC (Association of Medical Research) and taking into consideration the peer review comments. In the case of the fellowship award, there is also a three–panel interview. Once this process has been completed, the SAC will meet in March to recommend to the Board the highest scoring applicants for funding.


This robust process ensures the research projects and fellowships we fund are of the highest scientific merit and can be assured of the likelihood of delivery of novel insights into the causes, diagnosis, treatments and impact of epilepsy.

ERUK supports a wide range of research, from experimental studies of epilepsy, including laboratory research of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of epilepsy, to novel diagnostics and treatments for the clinical management of people living with epilepsy. We are committed to ensuring our portfolio of research is balanced so that we are providing both help for today and hope for tomorrow.

We have now invested over £10 million in research into the diagnosis, causes, and clinical management of epilepsy and associated conditions. ERUK are currently funding 34 research grants, involving over 120 researchers, across 19 UK institutions and hospitals. Read more about the projects we are funding here.

To be kept up to date with our grant round awards and hear the latest research news, sign up to our newsletter.

A life free from epilepsy is possible. Together we can achieve this through research.

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