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Record amount invested by Epilepsy Research UK in epilepsy research

This year, as part of National Epilepsy Week, we are proud to announce that thanks to the generosity and incredible efforts of our supporters, we are able to invest £1.7 million of research funding as part of our annual grant awards.

Our funded awards this year go to three Emerging Leader Fellowships, two of which are in collaboration with Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator Hub and the Tuberous Sclerosis Association. We have also awarded funding for four Endeavour Projects, three Explore Pilot Studies and two Innovations in Healthcare Awards, one of which was in partnership with Angelini Pharma. The research we have funded in 2023 features a combination of basic, clinical and data science which will drive innovations in treatment and prevention.

This year’s research will take place in universities and hospitals across the UK, including the University of Oxford, University College London, the University of Exeter, Aston University, the University of Bath, Cardiff University and Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.

This investment will fund 12 new studies, involving over 50 researchers and collaborators, meaning that Epilepsy Research UK is currently funding over 80 individual research projects.

We have profiled each of the exciting and essential new programmes of work selected by our Scientific Advisory Committee below:

Emerging Leader Fellowship Award

Dr Amy Richardson
University College London
Targeting seizures and cognitive comorbidities with gene therapy

Epilepsy Research UK & NATA Fellowship Award

Dr José Prius Mengual
University of Oxford
New therapies against epilepsy combining sleep and cellular stress genes

Epilepsy Research UK & Tuberous Sclerosis Association Fellowship Award

Dr Amanda Almacellas Barbanoj
University College London
New target discovery for tuberous sclerosis treatment

Endeavour Project Grant

Professor Anna Adlam
University of Exeter
Adapting and evaluating a problem-solving intervention for young people with epilepsy

Endeavour Project Grant

Dr Felix Chan
Aston University
Can metabolism of lysine be targeted to treat epilepsy in tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC)?

Endeavour Project Grant

Dr Amy McTague
University College London
Do babies with genetic epilepsy have more excitable neurons?

Endeavour Project Grant

Dr Anita McGrogan
University of Bath

How safe are anti-seizure medicines used in pregnancy?

Explore Pilot Study

Dr John Craig
Belfast Health & Social Care Trust
Investigating anti-seizure medications and breastfeeding using the UK and Ireland Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register

Explore Pilot Study

Dr Caroline Witton
Aston University
How can the new generation of MEG machines help patients awaiting epilepsy surgery?

Explore Pilot Study

Professor Maria Thom
University College London
Identification of brain cell mutations in focal epilepsy

Earlier this year, we also awarded funding for two Innovations in Healthcare Research Awards…

Epilepsy Research UK & Angelini Pharma Innovations in Healthcare project

Professor Mark Richardson
Kings College London
Using Natural Language AI to identify predictors of refractory epilepsy in NHS Electronic Health Records

Innovations in Healthcare project

Dr Owen Pickrell
Swansea University
Using large-scale data and artificial intelligence for refractory epilepsy research

These research projects are only possible due to your support. Thank you.

To support vital research into epilepsy this National Epilepsy Week, please make a donation here.

A life free from epilepsy is possible. But only through research.

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