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Epilepsy Research UK joins forces with the TSA to develop a future leader in epilepsy and TSC research

Epilepsy Research UK is pleased to announce a funding collaboration with the Tuberous Sclerosis Association (TSA) as part of our 2022/23 Grant Round. The funding will support a Fellowship to develop a future leader investigating tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC)-associated epilepsy.


Why is this funding needed?

TSC is a genetic condition causing non-cancerous (benign) tumours to develop in different parts of the body, including the brain. Epilepsy is a very common feature of TSC, affecting roughly eight out of ten people living with the condition. Over half of people with TSC who have epilepsy do not respond to anti-epileptic medication and may need alternative forms of treatment. Research into TSC-associated epilepsy is therefore urgently needed to improve outcomes for people living with this condition.

Our Chief Executive, Maxine Smeaton, said, “We are proud to be joining forces with the TSA to develop a future leader in epilepsy and TSC research. This important collaboration will provide vital evidence needed to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention of epilepsy in TSC. Integral to the assessment and implementation of the proposed research will be meaningful involvement of members of the TSC and epilepsy communities, to ensure the priorities of the people most affected are central to this work.”

Louise Fish, Chief Executive of TSA said when the partnership was launched, “We are delighted to fund a fellowship that will drive epilepsy research forward. Collaboration brings expertise from different areas together, it helps to avoid duplicating efforts, and it makes the most of available funds. By partnering with other organisations like Epilepsy Research UK, we can raise awareness of TSA and TSC and make a bigger impact for people affected by TSC and epilepsy.”

Researchers – find out more about this Fellowship and how to apply for funding here.

Working together for everyone effected by epilepsy

The TSA shares the Epilepsy Research UK commitment to collaboration and to funding research which provides help for today and hope for tomorrow.

This research collaboration is the latest in a series of Fellowships we have co-funded alongside charities such as Young Epilepsy, Autistica, Stroke Association and the Association of British Neurologists. Only by working in partnership with other impactful organisations can we fund the research that matters most to everyone affected by epilepsy and its associated conditions.

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