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Epilepsy Research UK hosts first Navigator Series Symposium on Genetic Therapies for Epilepsy

Last week, leaders in genetic therapies for epilepsy from across the UK and Europe came together for the inaugural Epilepsy Research UK Navigator Series symposium. The one-day conference was chaired by Emerging Leader Fellow Dr Gareth Morris and SAC Chair Professor Michael Cousin and focused on genetic therapies for epilepsy.

We heard from nine speakers across three sessions, as well as interesting panel discussions on future developments in the field. Highlights included:
– Keynote speaker, Professor David Henshall from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, presented on the use of microRNAs in treating epilepsy
– Professor Peter Oliver discussed the work of the Nucleic Acid Therapeutics Accelerator (NATA) Hub
– Dr Alfredo Gonzalez-Sulser from the University of Edinburgh presented on the use of optogenetics — Professor Dimitri Kullmann from University College London shared his recent breakthroughs in gene therapy for brain circuit disorders such as epilepsy

You can view the full programme here.

Dr Gareth Morris, co-chair of the symposium and Emerging Leader Fellow, said: “It was a privilege to be invited to co-chair this Navigator Series symposium. The strength of symposiums such as this is in the mix of people, from early career researchers to established professors, coming together for the event, not just the speakers but the audience as well. It has been great to see people, topics, ideas and discussion all coming together in one symposium.”

What is the Epilepsy Research UK Navigator Series?

The Navigator Series is hosted and chaired by Epilepsy Research UK Fellows. Each seminar focuses on a different theme, covering the very latest developments in research into epilepsy. Fellows are mentored by an Epilepsy Research UK trustee who is a leader in their field.

To achieve our vision of a life free from epilepsy fostering collaborations and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information is fundamental. For the last 13 years our International Expert Workshops have acted as a catalyst for collaborative research by bringing together hundreds of researchers from around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic temporarily halted our Workshop programme, but we are committed to continuing to drive forward the development of new therapies and precision treatments through the launch of the Navigator Series.

Bringing together experts in this way will allow scientists from across the world to discuss the latest research, share knowledge, and spark ideas to tackle the big challenges in epilepsy.

If you’re a researcher and would like to hear about future Navigator Series events, sign up here.

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