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Institute’s researcher forum The Hub passes milestone for sign ups

The Epilepsy Research Institute launched The Hub last year to help convene, connect and capacity build the epilepsy research ecosystem. Over 430 researchers have since joined the forum – which equates to over two thirds of the UK’s epilepsy researchers, in addition to international colleagues. To mark this milestone, we’re sharing more about The Hub and how it is helping connect researchers.

What is The Hub? 

The Hub is an online portal powered by the Epilepsy Research Institute for researchers working in epilepsy and its associated conditions. Through The Hub, researchers can access discussion forums on: 

  • Key research themes of the Institute 
  • Latest funding calls 
  • Information on workshops, conferences and other events  
  • Job alerts and opportunities  
  • Patient and public involvement and engagement

They are also able to use the Hub to easily reach out to each other and network to share best practice and/or challenges. 

Who has joined The Hub? 

The Hub has over 430 researchers from 134 institutions from across the UK and internationally. Here’s a breakdown of where our Hub members are from.

As you can see, we need more representation on The Hub from researchers based outside of Greater London. If you’re a researcher or institution and would like to promote The Hub to your network, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  

What does The Hub aim to achieve?  

The Epilepsy Research Institute serves as the central hub for the epilepsy research community – key to this is facilitating the sharing of important knowledge and information. The Hub enables researchers to come together, learn about the latest opportunities, discuss key research topics and strengthen their networks. By creating an environment where research can thrive, we are enabling multidisciplinary collaborations, fostering research partnerships, and driving much needed strategic investment in research.  

“I’ve found The Hub to be an incredibly useful tool for sharing and viewing research opportunities, as well as being able to easily connect with other researchers. Having access to a platform with over 400 researchers has been invaluable for disseminating knowledge in epilepsy research and identifying opportunities to collaborate.”  
Dr Gareth Morris 

How can I join The Hub?  

If you’ve not yet joined and are a researcher working in the field of epilepsy or its associated conditions, you can register here. Please note, The Hub is only open to researchers and healthcare professionals with an academic institute or hospital affiliated email address. 

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