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Record £2million investment in 2024 Research Awards

This National Epilepsy Week, the Epilepsy Research Institute is proud to announce a record research investment of over £2 million, as part of our 2024 Research Awards. Thanks to the generosity and dedication of our supporters, this is our biggest-ever annual investment.

This year’s Research Awards are focused on supporting early career researcher and will fund 14 new projects involving 58 researchers and collaborators across 12 institutions in the UK and internationally.  These awards are designed to continue attracting the most promising scientists to epilepsy research and safeguard future capacity in this field.

To give you a taster of these exciting projects, here’s a short film to introduce them…


Epilepsy Research Institute North West Doctoral Training Centre,  University of Liverpool and University of Manchester
Led by Dr Rebecca Bromley and Professor Simon Keller, the programme will train seven PhD students in epilepsy research,  creating the epilepsy researchers of the future. The centre will explore cognition in people with epilepsy and their offspring.

Emerging Leader Fellowship – Mr Davide Giampiccolo, University College London
Investigating neuroscience-based epilepsy treatment with optimised retrospective knowledge and subcortical disconnection.

Emerging Leader Fellowship – Dr Gashirai Mbizvo, University of Liverpool
Investigating and optimising the safety of discontinuing valproate in young men and women with epilepsy.

Emerging Leader Fellowship – Dr Nicolas Marichal Negrin, King’s College London
Investigating converting brain support cells into neurons capable of suppressing seizure activity.

Emerging Leader Fellowship – Dr Ilaria Belluomo, Imperial College London
Developing a breathalyser test for the diagnosis of epilepsy and prediction of seizures.

Epilepsy Research Institute & Dravet Syndrome UK Emerging Leader Fellowship – Dr Jenna Carpenter, University College London
Developing a next generation gene therapy for epilepsy in Dravet Syndrome, aiming to make seizure freedom a reality.

Epilepsy Research Institute & Dravet Syndrome UK Emerging Leader Fellowship – Dr Lisa Clayton, University College London Understanding autonomic dysfunction in Dravet syndrome (a rare epilepsy syndrome); aiming to improve quality of life.

Epilepsy Research Institute & MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship – Dr Oliver Davis, University of Cambridge
Investigating if DNA misfolding can cause neurodevelopmental disorders, such as epilepsy, to inform new targeted treatments.

These research projects are only possible due to your support. Thank you.

To support vital research into epilepsy this National Epilepsy Week, please make a donation here.

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