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Introducing the Institute’s Research Programme Theme Leads

The Epilepsy Research Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of the Theme Leads driving the research strategy that will be central to the work of the Epilepsy Research Institute.

The Institute’s key research and cross cutting themes are – Neurodevelopment, Disease Modification & Therapeutics, Mortality, Morbidity & Risk, Reproduction & Hormones, Capacity Building and Enabling Technologies. The themes were informed by the Top Ten priorities of the UK Epilepsy Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) and further scoped and developed by the #Every1EndingEpilepsy research strategy collaborative.

If you would like to be involved in the task force groups for any or all of the themes, please sign up to The Hub to find more information.

Neurodevelopment Theme Leads
Clinical Co-Lead: Professor Sameer Zuberi, University of Glasgow
Basic Science Co-Lead: Professor Juan Burrone, King’s College London
Early Career Lead: Dr Felix Chan, Aston University

Disease Modification & Therapeutics Theme Leads
Clinical Co-Lead: Professor Michael Johnson, Imperial College London
Basic Science Co-Lead: Professor Gabriele Lignani, UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology
Early Career Lead: Dr Gareth Morris, University of Manchester/UCL

Mortality, Morbidity & Risk Theme Leads
Clinical Co-Lead: Professor Arjune Sen, University of Oxford
Basic Science Co-Lead: Dr Rob Wykes, University of Manchester/UCL
Early Career Lead: Assistant Professor Amol Bhandare, University of Warwick

Reproduction & Hormones Theme Leads
Clinical Co-Lead: Dr Rebecca Bromley, University of Manchester
Basic Science Co-Lead: RECRUITING – apply in The Hub.
Early Career Lead: Dr Faye McLeod, Newcastle University

Capacity Building
Clinical Co-Lead: Professor Torsten Baldeweg, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
Basic Science Co-Lead: Dr Sukhvir Wright, Aston University
Early Career Lead: Dr James Mitchell, The Walton Centre/ University of Liverpool

RECRUITING: Enabling Technologiesapply in The Hub.

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