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UK Epilepsy PSP commentary published in leading research journal

A commentary on the UK Epilepsy Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) Top Ten research priorities and what they mean for the wider research landscape has today been published in eBioMedicine, a leading research journal by The Lancet.

The Epilepsy Research Institute was invited to provide a commentary on the UK Epilepsy PSP and the impact its findings will have on the future of research into epilepsy. The article entitled ‘What the Top Ten epilepsy research priorities mean for the UK research ecosystem’ outlines the journey from the initiation of the UK Epilepsy PSP to the launch of the Institute. The piece highlights why the landmark consensus was undertaken, who was involved and how the research priorities will be maximised through the Institute to benefit people affected by epilepsy. 

Funded and led by the Epilepsy Research Institute, the UK Epilepsy PSP was a once-in-a-generation national consensus that collated and ranked the research priorities of the UK’s epilepsy community – people with epilepsy, their families, friends and carers, those bereaved by epilepsy and clinicians and health and social care professionals. The Top Ten priorities were identified and published in October 2022 and have since informed the six main strategic research themes of the Institute: Neurodevelopment; Disease Modification and Therapeutics; Mortality, Risk and Morbidity; Reproduction and Hormones; Capacity Building; and Enabling Technologies. 

Want to know more? Read the full commentary here.  

Authors: Anna C Norton (UK Epilepsy PSP Coordinator), Maxine Smeaton (Chief Executive), Caoimhe Twohig-Bennett (Director of Research Partnerships), Dr Rhys Thomas (UK Epilepsy PSP Lead) 

The Epilepsy Research Institute would like to acknowledge and thank Katherine Cowan (James Lind Alliance Advisor), the UK Epilepsy PSP Steering Group and the Canadian Epilepsy PSP team for generously sharing their time, knowledge and expertise throughout the UK Epilepsy PSP. 

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