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Welcome to Features by the Epilepsy Research Institute

Does scientific language or research jargon sometimes leave you feeling a little baffled and bemused? Well, we’ve asked the experts to break things down, show us ‘behind the research curtain’, and share some stories that will inspire and engage us all.

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Making epilepsy treatment more personalised

A third of people with epilepsy are unable to control their seizures with existing anti-seizure medications. We need advanced treatment options to ...

Spotlight on… Dr James W Mitchell

Dr James W Mitchell is an Early Career Co-Lead for the Institute’s Capacity Building research theme. Dr Mitchell is also a neurology registrar at T...

How are epilepsy and dementia linked to Down syndrome?

Dr Frances Wiseman was awarded an Epilepsy Research Institute Pilot Grant in 2013 to investigate epilepsy in Down syndrome with Alzheimer’s disease...

Strengthening the epilepsy research community    

Behind every research project are dedicated epilepsy researchers. By supporting these scientists, we are enabling high-quality research that will o...

International #EpilepsyDay: Why is international collaboration so important for research?

To celebrate International #EpilepsyDay, we caught up with Professor Andy Trevelyan to discuss the importance of collaborations across borders. And...

Spotlight on… Dr Faye McLeod

In 2022, we were delighted to award Dr Faye McLeod  an Emerging Leader Fellowship to study the gene mutations behind rare epilepsies that develop i...

The Hughes Report: why it’s important and why more research is still needed

Today, the Patient Safety Commissioner published The Hughes Report, with a series of redress recommendations for patients harmed by the anti-seizur...

Making pregnancy safer for women and children

For women living with epilepsy, deciding to start a family can cause great anxiety and stress. In this Feature, we focus on the work the Epilepsy R...