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Does scientific language or research jargon sometimes leave you feeling a little baffled and bemused? Well, we’ve asked the experts to break things down, show us ‘behind the research curtain’, and share some stories that will inspire and engage us all.

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Why do seizures occur in babies?

When epilepsy starts in the first year of life, it can be difficult to treat and have a huge impact on the baby and their family. Dr Amy McTague’s ...
Dr Amanda Almacellas Barbanoj

Finding new treatment targets for tuberous sclerosis complex

Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a genetic condition causing non-cancerous (benign) tumours to develop in different parts of the body, including...

Events & Community Fundraising Manager, James, introduces our new fundraising hashtag #TeamScience

As I’m sure you are aware, earlier this month Epilepsy Research UK became the Epilepsy Research Institute. The Institute’s mission is to radically ...

Pioneering research using human brain tissue to uncover new epilepsy treatments

Earlier this month, Dr Laura Smith from Newcastle University won the Céline Newman Neurobiology of Epilepsy Award at the International League Again...
Maxine QandA

Q&A on the Institute with CEO Maxine Smeaton

To mark the launch of the Epilepsy Research Institute, we sat down with our Chief Executive, Maxine Smeaton, and asked her to respond to some of th...
PhD student Andrea Biondi

How can technology help predict seizures?

Andrea Biondi is a PhD student at King’s College London working on a project led by Professor Mark Richardson, which is supported by the Epilepsy R...

Dominique’s story: controlling seizures with technology

Dominique discovered she had a brain tumour when she started getting headaches after the birth of her son. After surgery to remove the tumour, Domi...
Dr Anita McGrogan

How do anti-seizure medications affect women during pregnancy?

IMPORTANT: Do not stop taking prescribed medication without consulting your doctor or epilepsy nurse. If you are concerned, please contact the help...