Events & Community Fundraising Manager, James, introduces our new fundraising hashtag #TeamScience

James Gaydon

Events & Community Fundraising Manager, Epilepsy Research Institute


As I’m sure you are aware, earlier this month Epilepsy Research UK became the Epilepsy Research Institute. The Institute’s mission is to radically advance research for the 1 in 100 people living with epilepsy.

With our name legally changed, we’ve had to say a fond farewell to our #TeamERUK acronym, which has represented our wonderful community of supporters over the years. I’m delighted to share with you our new collective hashtag… #TeamScience!

What does #TeamScience mean?

The phrase ‘Team Science’ means exactly what it says: a community supporting science to increase our understanding and knowledge of a subject – in our case epilepsy. But it’s also a term used across academic institutions, industry, government and funders, that advocates cross-disciplinary collaborations with professionals, to address a specific scientific challenge.

‘Team science’ is at the heart of everything the Institute will do. We will play a key role in bringing the research community and charities together under a shared vision and mission. Along with our Founding Partners – Epilepsy Action, Young Epilepsy, Epilepsy Scotland and the International League Against Epilepsy (British Branch) – the Institute will place collaborative working at the heart of its governance.

You – our supporters – also embody ‘team science’ through your dedication, determination and passion for supporting vital research into epilepsy. Our work would not be possible without your generosity and commitment, and only by working together can we achieve our vision of a life free from epilepsy.

Why should I support #TeamScience and the Epilepsy Research Institute?

By being part of #TeamScience, you’ll receive the same one-on-one support from myself, as well as a dedicated supporter area on our new website.

We know the devastation epilepsy can cause for individuals and families. We want to see science deliver for everyone affected by the condition. By joining our powerful community, you will be playing a vital role in radically advancing research into epilepsy.

Where will my #TeamScience fundraising money go?

Your fundraising will continue to support vital research into epilepsy, for example our annual grant round which opened earlier this month to support applications for Emerging Leader Fellowships and Doctorial Training Centres as part of our capacity-building commitment.

But our mission now is to go further than our own funded research and invest time in growing the pot for epilepsy by uniting the epilepsy research community and developing a research strategy that will demonstrate to the government and institutional funders the impact their contribution could make for people affected by epilepsy. The Institute will also play key roles in helping to develop the UK epilepsy research ecosystem by conducting and coordinating national and international collaborations, and strengthening research infrastructure. Central to all this will be a culture of advocating and actioning the research priorities of people affected by epilepsy.

How can I be part of #TeamScience?

There are plenty of ways you can get involved and support vital research into epilepsy. To find out more, visit our website supporter area or drop me an email to find out what fundraising events there are in your area.

Let’s do this. Let’s radically advance research into epilepsy.