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Research Portfolio


Newcastle University Doctoral Training Centre



grant amount:

£250,000 with matched funding from Newcastle University Awarded in 2021

lead investigator:

Professor Andrew Trevelyan & Dr Rhys Thomas



Newcastle University


The vision of this Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) is to create a school of future leaders in epilepsy research. The DTC will pull together researchers from different disciplines in cutting-edge projects with a common goal of ‘a life free from epilepsy’ and address the vital need to retain the brightest and best within epilepsy research.

"The award of an Epilepsy Research UK Doctoral Training Hub to Newcastle University represents a significant opportunity to focus our attentions on a single aim: a life free from epilepsy. In doing so we are building on our current research teams which cover a number of scientific areas, but particularly where technology and computing can help us better understand how seizures start and how to predict them.

The Study

Rapid advances in computing and technology offer huge potential benefits to epilepsy research, allowing analysis of the complex origins of seizures and offering novel solutions to monitor and treat epilepsy. The team at Newcastle University are experts in molecular biology, computer programming and engineering, across six innovative projects covering three areas of epilepsy research: how seizures happen; how to predict when seizures may occur; and how to prevent seizures.


The DTC will also place a strong emphasis on career development and mentorship; creating a highly supportive and fully inclusive work environment that will nurture future leaders in epilepsy research, enrich research outcomes and ultimately improve the lives of the epilepsy community.