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Enabling Technologies

For research to deliver life-changing breakthroughs it needs an environment where it can flourish.

Knowledge and information need an infrastructure that supports research, encourages shared learning, nurtures talent and promotes impact. We need to harness enabling technologies to ensure research and clinical data are appropriately consented and widely available and open to researchers, foster collaborations and grow the pipeline of epilepsy researchers.

Enabling Technologies theme leads

Clinical Co-Lead: Professor Mark Richardson, University College London
Data Co-Lead: Professor John Terry, University of Birmingham
Early Career Co-Lead: Dr Richard Rosch, King’s College London

The Enabling Technologies theme leads will be supported by a task force of preeminent UK scientists and clinicians. The team is driving a research programme to feed into an overall roadmap for research into epilepsy in order to secure largescale investment.

Enabling Technologies on The Hub

Join The Hub – the online discussion portal for researchers working in the field of epilepsy and associated conditions – to be part of the discussion for the Enabling Technologies research programme. If you would like to be involved in the task force group for the programme, you can find more information on The Hub here.