In 2020, we called out the chronic underfunding of epilepsy research through our #ALifeInterrupted campaign

For years epilepsy research has been hampered by a lack of funding and a lack of attention, as evidenced by the significant gaps in knowledge and understanding of the disease.

But things are changing and epilepsy is commanding greater attention and investment globally. The growth in awareness and prioritisation of epilepsy as a global issue gives us an unprecedented opportunity to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of research.

To leverage this momentum we have developed our #Every1EndingEpilsepy programme. 

This programme brings together the entire epilepsy community to focus our joint efforts on radically advancing research, through investment, collaboration and action.

We have a plan

Right now, we are working on a research roadmap and campaign to drive strategic investment. As part of this campaign, we are seeking to secure a one-off multi-million pound accelerator investment from institutional funders, and a commitment to long-term sustainable funding for epilepsy research. By doing this we aim to create a strong, vibrant and well-funded epilepsy research ecosystem.

Since the programme launched in 2022, we have brought together epilepsy research experts from across the country, building on their existing strengths, knowledge and experience to identify the challenges and gaps that must be urgently addressed to increase the capacity and capability required to fast-track research into epilepsy.

This has worked for other diseases. Now it is the time for research to finally deliver for everyone affected by epilepsy.

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