Progress and what’s next

Programme development is well underway for #Every1EndingEpilepsy, and we have recruited a research steering group of around 30 researchers representing 16 HEIs throughout the UK. A series of workshops and consultations have been held, where we identified the challenges and gaps that must be urgently addressed to increase the capacity and capability required to fast-track research into epilepsy.


The Top Ten research priorities of the UK Epilepsy Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) have been integrated into four cross-cutting research themes: neurodevelopment; disease modification and therapeutics; mortality, risk and morbidity; reproduction and hormones.

These themes are the foundation to shaping the research roadmap. We will soon begin work on identifying any overlaps between the themes and scoping current research relating to each theme. Key patient organisations have also been involved in the development of the four themes as PSP champions.

Later, we will be coming to the epilepsy community to help us publicise the road map and encourage institutional funders to invest in the future of epilepsy research. It will be the voices of people affected by the condition that will have the potential to have the greatest impact in amplifying our message.