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Capacity Building

There are an estimated 600 researchers currently working in epilepsy in the UK, less than 10% the number of researchers working in dementia (6,100 researchers).

By strengthening the network of epilepsy researchers in the UK, through workshops, events, special interest groups etc, we hope to enable new multidisciplinary collaborations, foster research partnerships and drive greater research investment. We also aim to extend the epilepsy researcher network to include researchers working in associated conditions and in overlapping methodologies. Crucially, we also need to ensure people affected by epilepsy are at the heart of all research and shape how studies are designed and delivered.

Our capacity building activities include:

Capacity Building theme leads

Basic Science Co-Lead: Professor Torsten Baldeweg, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
Clinical Co-Lead: Dr Sukhvir Wright, Aston University
Early Career Lead: Dr James Mitchell, The Walton Centre (University of Liverpool)

The capacity building theme leads will be supported by a task force of preeminent UK scientists and clinicians. The team is driving a research programme to feed into an overall roadmap for research into epilepsy in order to secure largescale investment.

Capacity Building on The Hub

Join The Hub – the online discussion portal for researchers working in the field of epilepsy and associated conditions – to find and share networking and collaboration opportunities, as well as workshops and events. If you would like to be involved in the task force group for the programme, you can find more information on The Hub here.